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A day will come when the majority of physicians will utilize the safest and most effective treatments available, whether they be herb, vitamin or drug.

I combine the best research supported Natural therapies from Nutritional, Botanical, Homeopathic and when required, incorporate conventional medications - often in safer, innovative forms.

Perhaps more importantly I find it essential to listen and understand my patients and their health concerns.  I believe true complementary medicine contains these elements.

-- Michael Uzick, N.M.D., FABNO










  • Specializing in Integrative Oncology

    • Board certified in Naturopathic Oncology


  • Bio-identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement

    • for Men and Women


  • Naturopathic Care for Chronic

    • Degenerative Diseases




         3920 North Campbell Avenue

               Tucson, Arizona 85719



Click on the video to see the inspirational story Colleen and how Dr. Uzick utilized the concept of "Food as Medicine" to help her over come a serious health condition. This segment aired on Arizona Illustrated Science, on PBS.

















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